Here Comes the Sunny

Call me Sunny Burn.

It's not my real name, but ya'll don't need to know my real name.

I'm that (supposedly) rarest of creatures, the female geek. I neglected my boyfriend to cultivate a relationship with a cute alien in Mass Effect 2. I have a bookcase full of guides to imaginary animals and atlases of places that don't exist. I collect comic books and action figures (at 23), attend renaissance festivals in costume, have long, drawn out discussions on the merits of Star Wars vs Star Trek, and spend more time on the internet than is either healthy or sane. I also wish I was a Hobbit and want to marry Gambit when I grow up.

The World of Geekdom is, by and large, a place made by and for males, and it can be an interesting and frustrating experience traversing it with the wrong set of naughty parts. So I'm going to write about it. So there.