Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Choice and Batwoman! Two Great Taistes That Taiste Great Together!

Hey internet!

So I'm pretty bust this week. I'm working on a petty big post (I'm reviewing the worst vampire novel ever. No, not THAT one, a different one), plus I'm getting ready to participate in my first ever real life protest, the Walk For Choice on February 26, this upcoming Saturday. I am so freaking stoked you guys, you have no idea. It is gonna be so bitchin' and the best part is that cities around the country are participating, so you should TOTALLY go walk with the awesome pro-choice ladies in whatever city you happen to be in, because the shit the GOP is trying to pull is BULLSHIT to a caliber I am not even going to get into right now. I know my readers are the smartest people on the internet (because they read me, duh), so I assume you already know all about it. Which is why, if you haven't planned to already, you MUST get in on that shit! DO IT! Sunny compells you!


Ahem. ANYWAY. The real reason I am posting (besides to pimp Walk for Choice GO DO IT!!!) is to show off this awesome and hilarious video my talented and good looking boyfriend Nova put together. We were watching this Batman animated movie Mystery of the Batwoman on Netflix when we were subjected to this really dumb fight scene that defied all laws of physics and common sense. So, Nova decided to make a video making fun of it, because that is the logical course of action. And I'm showing it to you, because it is funny and Nova is adorable and that line he uses about Batwoman putting her lipstick on over her mask was totally mine. So here it is.

So enjoy the video have a great week, get out there on Saturday and make some fuckin' NOISE, and check back soon for my nest post! Love you all!

Sunny out!

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